Gosamaru as a Key Figure in the Era of the Ryukyu Kingdom

Gosamaru was deeply involved with the establishment of the Ryukyu Kingdom and vigorously survived the turbulent times. He had so many accomplishments as a “leader of faith” and a “genius of fortification.” He was also embroiled in the “Gosamaru-Amawari disturbance” which is said to be the biggest mystery in the Ryukyu Kingdom era. To this day, Gosamaru is considered one of the important figures when learning the history of the Ryukyu Kingdom.


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第一話「毛氏先祖由来記」 琉球の戦国時代といわれる三山時代を果敢に生きた護佐丸のイントロダクション。

第二話「護佐丸のルーツ」 若き護佐丸のルーツに迫りつつ、今帰仁城跡を通して三山時代を振り返ります。

第三話「山田グスクのなわばり」 護佐丸が生まれ育った恩納村山田グスクの貴重な映像から、護佐丸一族に想いを馳せます。

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この文章はダミーです。 この文章はダミーです。



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