Explore the places associated with Gosamaru

Nakagusuku village is home to various historical and cultural sites. Please pay a visit and experience the timeless value and presence of history.

Recommended sites in Nakagusuku Village

Visiting Utaki (sacred places) in the Nakagusuku Castle Ruins

The castle remains are a cultural heritage in Okinawa and have been registered as a World Heritage Site, “Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Kingdom of Ryukyu” based on several factors. One of which is that there exists utaki inside the castle ruins. Utaki is a sacred place to worship nature and ancestors which is central to Okinawa’s unique religion. As utaki, places like remains of wells, large trees, and caves, are visited by people who pray on occasions such as festivals and ceremonies. There are a total of 20 utaki as places for worship within and around the Nakagusuku Castle ruins.

  • The Tomb of Gosamaru

    The Tomb of Gosamaru

    The tomb is known to be one of the oldest existing turtleback tombs in Okinawa. This fine tomb reminds us how important a person Gosamaru was. It is said that Gosamaru built an outer fortification (a branch castle to keep guard) around this area.

  • Agai-tida bashi (bridge)

    Agai-tida bashi (bridge)

    It is a lookout point located along the historical path, “Hanta Michi” (Hanta Road) that was constructed during the 12th to 15th centuries. Hanta Road is said to connect Katsuren in Uruma City with Shuri in Naha City through Nakagusuku Castle in Nakagusuku Village and Kōchi Castle in Nishihara Town in the shortest distance. Agai-tida bridge sits on a hill from which you can get a full view of Nakagusuku. There are many other cultural properties preserved along Hanta Road.

  • Perry’s Banner Rock (designated as the village’s historic site)

    Perry’s Banner Rock (designated as the village’s historic site)

    When Commodore Perry’s party explored the island’s east coast from Shuri Castle in Naha, they took a rest under this rock. When they conquered the rocky hill, they placed the American flag on the summit of the rock with gun salutes. You can also find it along Hanta Road.

Recommended Shops in Nakagusuku Village

  • Churugē Soba

    Enjoy a bowl of Okinawa soba noodles in a traditional old-style Okinawan house

    This is an 80-year-old Okinawan house roofed with traditional red tiles that has been renovated as an Okinawa soba restaurant. One recommended dish is the “Churugē Soba”(850). It comes with tebichi (stewed pork feet), nankotsu soki (pork spare ribs with gristle), and sanmai niku (pork belly) making it full of flavor. You can have noodles with a soup of your choice according to your taste.

    Churugē Soba

    678 Aza Touma, Nakagusuku Village, Nakagami-gun

    Opening times: 11:00~18:00
    Open 7 days a week
    Parking: 30 spaces

  • Menya Nirai

    The bonito fish stock is the key to the great taste

    The specialty of this restaurant is the rich, thick soup made from the fresh bonito fish obtained from the local market. This goes with the homemade textured noodles perfectly. The most popular soba, “Nankotsu Soki Soba” (600) features the tenderly stewed gristle which is irresistible.

    Menya Nirai

    662-1 Touma, Nakagusuku Village, Nakagami-gun

    Opening times: 11:00~16:00 (may close early when sold out)
    Closed: Wednesdays; Kyu-Bon festival (15th day of the 7th lunar month and so differs each year); New Year’s Holidays
    Parking: 10 spaces

  • Kinakoya

    A popular pudding made from Okinawan local ingredients

    At Kinakoya, you will discover a wide variety of sweets. Among them is the “Ryukyu Purin (pudding)” which is made without eggs and has a smooth texture and mild but delicious flavor that spreads through the mouth. It is also healthy which makes it very popular as a souvenir. “Ryukyu pudding” comes in different flavors: tropical mango, rich taste of kokuto (raw cane sugar), naturally sweet beni-imo (purple sweet potato), and refreshing salt flavor to name a few. Other sweets with special ingredients include apple pie, ta-nmu pie (Okinawan taro), mango jelly, and cookies.


    96 Tomari, Nakagusuku Village, Nakagami-gun

    Opening times: 10:00~17:00
    Closed: Sundays
    Parking: 20 spaces

  • Blue Sky

    Impressive Experience with Sightseeing Flight

    Would you like to enjoy a special ocean view? Overlooking the ocean and coral reefs of Okinawa from 200m up in the sky, you can enjoy the exceptional view. You can relax and enjoy the flight with our experienced pilot. Furthermore, you can capture the beautiful moment for your memory with your camera. There are 3 paragliders available. You can take a flight together with your partner at the same time.

    Blue Sky

    North Square of Nakagusuku Mall, 1943 Kuba, Nakagusuku village, Okinawa

    Reception Hours: 9:00〜22:00

    Paragliding Hours: All Year Around at 10:00-12:00 and 13:00-15:00
    Closed: Dec.31st and Jan.1st, the last day of kyubon and the next day
    Car Parking available

The Gosamaru
Historical Museum and Library

The exterior of the building was designed with the motif of the ramparts of the Nakagusuku Castle ruins which is a World Heritage Site and it even has sumigashira which is the distinctive feature of the ramparts. In the library, you can find learning materials about Ryukyuan history that especially focus on Gosamaru as Nakagusuku aji and the Nakagusuku Castle ruins. It offers a comfortable space to enjoy a wide range of books and DVDs.

215 Aza Asato,Nakagusuku,Okinawa