Gosamaru as a Key Figure in the Era of the Ryukyu Kingdom

Gosamaru was deeply involved with the establishment of the Ryukyu Kingdom and vigorously survived the turbulent times. He had so many accomplishments as a “leader of faith” and a “genius of fortification.” He was also embroiled in the “Gosamaru-Amawari disturbance” which is said to be the biggest mystery in the Ryukyu Kingdom era. To this day, Gosamaru is considered one of the important figures when learning the history of the Ryukyu Kingdom.


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第二十話 護佐丸の墓は、沖縄で最も古いとされる亀甲墓で近世琉球においてその功績が再評価されて王府の命によりつくられました。このことからも、護佐丸の偉大な功績を偲ぶことができます。

Gosamaru Chronicle Episode 20 Gosamaru and His Tomb

第十九話 「護佐丸・阿麻和利の乱」の後の世、護佐丸の配下や子孫がどのように生きていたのかにスポットをあてます。護佐丸の残した功績の大きさを改めて知ることができます。

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